Bad Muskau in Germany is a great place to visit if you want to be in a quiet place but near the polish border (Leknica). Bad Muskau is a spa town and is in the Görlitz district which is part of the State of Saxony. The famous Furst puckler park bad Muskau, is part of the main attraction here. Created by  Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. The park is one mans dream and creation and his inspiration came from visiting stately homes in England. He has been able to portray the quintessential park with meandering walks, beautiful bridges and natural looking lakes, this is definitely a place to visit if in the Bad Muskau area. There is also boat trips and horse and carriage rides to view the stunning park at a different pace or view. There is a beautiful blue bridge crossing over the river into the blue garden, a colour the prince liked the most and this dash of colour can be seen dotted around and also in the park in Branitz.

muskau park

blue bridge Muskau park

The best place to stay to be close to the Bad muskau fuckler park is the Ringhotel Kulturhotel Fuerst Pueckler Park. It is basically on the door step. The food was superb and even though we don’t speak German the staff where very helpful. The restaurant is called the Gruner furst,the first thing we noticed where the beautiful chandeliers and then the gleaming cutlery and glassware, someone sure knows how to polish !!!  😉 We had a wine called Grohsartig, which was a great white wine. We shared a risotto and then i had the gnocchi and lance had the Lamb, the breakfast was fabulous, I am an avid lover of crispy bacon and the German chefs seem to cook it that way, we had continental cheeses, great fresh bread and rolls and some wonderful fresh fruit salad with yogurt and nuts (as we are both nuts we had the nuts !!).

On a down side the pillows where very uncomfortable so bring your own if you can and although we requested a double bed we where told that the German people normally have 2 single beds put together and call it a double.  (mmmh not too sure about that !! also we had 2 single duvets but romance isn’t dead we just compromised)  with that said though the hotel is great if you want to be close the park.

We also looked around for other places to eat and found a great bar called the Hermanns Anzeiger, (very close to the polish border in Bad muskau ) on entering it is a pleasantly surprising place with all sorts of uniquely placed items that appear to be the character of the owner. The interior was manly of wood carved and of naturally bent wood very well designed. The german beer on tap was great as was the service, they even had a menu written in English. The food was superb and the portion size was huge !

bad Muskau hermanns Anzeiger


No your eyes are not deceiving you the piano is actually on the ceiling, the trumpet coming down is made into a light its just not that clear to see the bulb.

We would definately visit Bad muskau again. watch out for some more posts on, the stalag luft 3, and sachsenhausen areas we also visited.

For mor information on Ringhotel Kulturhotel Fuerst Pueckler Park please find here

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