Schloss Branitz Park and Lake Pyramid ( Tumulus)

Schloss Branitz Pyramid (Tumulus) Schloss Branitz located in branitz park, is probably one of the most visited parks in the Cottbus area. The Park and Branitz schloss are stunning with lots of very interesting areas of designed landscape. Most prevalent are the beautiful reflective canals and expansive lakes with an array of  different decorative bridges.

Berlin Arch or The Brandenburg Gate

The Berlin Arch ?? The Brandenburg Gate or The Berlin arch as it also known, was once the gate of a former wall. This marked the entrance to the city. It is the only surviving part of that original 18th century structure that once enclosed the city. Dedicated as a symbol of peace after many years

Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Today the Sachsenhausen concentration camp is a museum and memorial to all those that were incarcerated within its walls. On visiting the camp you will feel a sense of shame, pity and fear at what one human can do to another. The sachsenhausen concentration camp was built in the summer of 1936 using prison labour

Bad Muskau

Bad Muskau in Germany is a great place to visit if you want to be in a quiet place but near the polish border (Leknica). Bad Muskau is a spa town and is in the Görlitz district which is part of the State of Saxony. The famous Furst puckler park bad Muskau, is part of the main