Wawel Castle some history and facts

On our way to Auschwitz we decided to stop of at Krakow or Cracow and pronounced krakuf and visit Wawel castle. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland and has a real charm about it. It is also dreamed one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, can’t argue with that !!

Wavel castle

The Gothic Wawel Castle built in Kraków for its first Royals to inhabit and built by Casimir III the Great. He reigned from 1333 to 1370. The castle consists of a number of interesting structures enclosed within a central courtyard.

SAM_6791Wawel Royal Castle and the Wawel Hill are culturally and historically one of the most important sites in Poland. For centuries it has stood for polish statehood and the residence of the kings of Poland. The Castle now houses one of Poland’s famous art museums established in 1930.

Wavel Hill !!

Steeped in history Wavel hill dates as far back as the Paleolithic age. Initially bieng inhabited by people some fifty thousand years ago. The settlement was apparently bustling with trade, from local farming to arts and crafts. Hence more people began to settle on Wawel Hill and the area around it became well-known for its trade. The polish rulers also took up residence on the hill. Until the 18th century it was still a royal castle. Also st John Paul II celebrated the first mass in the chapel. There is a lovely monument to him in the courtyard area.

wawel castle

World War II

On a darker note after the invasion of Poland at the start of World War II, Kraków became the capital of Germany’s General Government. The Jewish population of the city became exiled into a walled zone known as the Kraków Ghetto. It was from here they were deported to German extermination camps such as the nearby Auschwitz never to return !! and other Nazi concentration camps like such as Płaszów.

Oskar Shindler arrived in Krakow to profit from world war II, he joined the Nazi party primarily to elevate his position and to help his own course, and it was here in a factory that he arranged to have a Jewish workforce.  He becomes an unlikely humanitarian and saves many Jews from being exterminated when the Nazi decide to focus on the Krakow Ghetto for extermination. He protects his Jewish workers mainly for his own benefit but realizes that he is saving many innocent lives as well. A profiteer turned good guy so to speak !!

Wawel Chakra !!

On perhaps a different spiritual note: The Wawel Chakra or as they say in (Polish, czakram wawelski).

SAM_6744wawel castle and wawel chakra

In the picture above in my oh so trendy boots and great tourist look !! To the right of where I am standing  is the area assumed as the location of wawel chakra. You can see the dirty mark where people have rubbed or touched the wall. As you enter the courtyard of Wawel castle turn left  under the arch and you will find the location of the chakra in the far corner. It is not an object as such but believed to emanate a powerful spiritual energy.

Deemed in spiritual belief as one of the world’s main points or centers of spiritual energy. The wawel chakra  much like a human chakra in the body functions on esoteric energy.  Therefore this spot is universally believed as one of the main places of the energy of the earth’s system.  The Wawel Chakra, according to new age thinking is one of the few places of power on earth with the strongest energy.

Anyway whatever your belief ! On any given day you will find folk surrounding this area and soaking in the energy. There are a few as seen in the picture to the left of me 😉

Castle and old Town walk video please visit here

Wawel castle and town are easy to walk around and there is history and great architecture. Have fun and happy travels.

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