Schloss Branitz Pyramid (Tumulus)

Schloss Branitz pyramidSchloss Branitz located in branitz park, is probably one of the most visited parks in the Cottbus area. The Park and Branitz schloss are stunning with lots of very interesting areas of designed landscape. Most prevalent are the beautiful reflective canals and expansive lakes with an array of  different decorative bridges. The park was initially Created by Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau in 1845 and the pyramid is now the site of his burial.

schloss Branitz

The harbour and canal network have been lovingly restored, and now it is possible to take a Gondola ride through the amazing waterways. The trip starts at the Branitz plant nursery and makes its way to the lake Pyramid ( Tumulus). The pyramid has recently been brought back to it former glory. Prior to Pucklers death he requested having his body embalmed like an egyptian pharaoh and being buried within the pyramid as a mausoleum. The boat trip then loops back to the lovely Orangery.

During the Autumn period the leaves of the meandering vines turn a shade of scarlet red which ultimately showers the pyramid in a blanket of fabulous colour. These were newly replanted in 2015 in an effort to increase the growth and to add to the magnificent effect.

schloss branitz

The castle or Schloss !!

The Scholss Branitz ( castle) has an eclectic and somewhat french baroque feel, due in part to its design. It has a definite sense of Asia meets middle east which adds to the fusion of influences. This is mainly attributed to the many overseas travels that Puckler enjoyed so much and therefore brought back his extravagant ideas. There is a richness in every room and some amazing detail; from the opulent gold and Moreno glass chandeliers, to the fabulous wall and curtain fabrics along with lavish furniture. It is clearly obvious that money was not an issue or factor in the design process.

Above are pictures of the Merano chandelier in the Red room and the Gold chandelier in the Music room.


Schloss Branitz

The Amazing schloss Branitz is easy to walk through and each room leaves you with a feeling of awe. They have all been restored to how Puckler would have had them in his day. All rooms and all the fixtures and fitting are a wash of colour and vibrancy; From the Music room to the bed chambers. Each room now restored using the original fabrics and decor to a time when it was first created.

If in Cottbus the Schloss Branitz and park is a must go to place for a tranquil walk or gondola ride. Time permitting enter into the schloss and feel the marvelous creation of Herman von Puckler.

For more pictures and video please visit here

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