When we made a recent trip to Castle Park Brody in Poland. We were pleasantly surprised by both the park and castle. We arrived at the best time of year, in late summer and the weather was perfect.The castle was in a state of regeneration but showed many signs of decline from the previous years. Due to this we needed to use our imagination and view beyond the present state; and try visualize how it could look after restoration. After observing the many statues and structure of the dilapidated buildings you could imagine the castle in an era of bygone days and hence assuming a more opulent presence.


Castle Park Brody


The Castle park Brody situated on the western border of Poland and very close to the German border. Located around 45 minutes from the city of Cottbus in Germany. It is in the Polish province of lubuskie in the village of Brody, the closest city is zielona Gora. The below picture shows how the Castle and park would have looked in its glory days.


Castle park brody


The castle Park Brody was the possession of a saxon statesman; Heinrich Von Bruhl and his tomb is in the grounds, however it is in a bad state of repair. As seen in the below photos.


Castle park brody

The park grounds !!

The grounds are lovely with some tree-lined avenues breaking out into some lovely vistas of the lake. During Henrich von Bruhls time, he had a Baroque Palace built; which was unfortunately confiscated during the 7 years war with the Prussians who subsequently claimed it for themselves. During the 2nd world war it became part of Germany and it was only returned after the war. The Bruhl Palace was constantly being invaded over the differing years, through wars and changing times. The last to invade was the red army before it was eventually handed back to Poland.

Castle park Brody

Today the building is more a skeleton than a palace, but it has “good bones” as they say. It has great structure and some great architecture that just needs some tender loving care. The Palace requires plenty of money spent on her and a lot of time to achieve the magnificence she deserves.


castle park brody


The Members of the European Park association; being the official owners of the Castle park Brody has a plan set in its sights, for now and for the future. The plan is to complete the rehabilitation of the Historic castle and the grounds. Also proposed is a showroom or museum to depict the history of the castle and to show the life of Count Heinrich von Brühl.

More pictures of Castle Brody click the link

If you’re in that area, Brody and the castle park are well worth a visit even just for a space of peace and tranquility.

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