Having been to York on several occasions we are always looking for great Indian restaurants in York, the first we went to was Akbar’s, the food was lovely as was the atmosphere but we were both queasy afterwards so never went back again even though the food was very tasty!! a shame really !! . We also visited The Raj in Bootham, it has a  very Indian style kitsch and bling feel about it which, we kinda like more than the Indian restaurants that try and look European,  the food was great as was the service even if they where a little pushy, on us getting some more wine with our meal. It is more what we consider authentic Indian style and a little less continental, there isn’t a great deal of vegetarian options which I like (doesn’t make me vegetarian though !!) But the menu was still good. After we finished the meal we were given a card with an array of drinks like whisky, sambucca, port etc and we could pick one as a complimentary after dinner drink, which we thought was a nice added touch. Their address is 21-22 Bootham, York, YO30 7BW, Tel: 01904 612017.

Great Indian Restaurants York

Another Indian restaurant was Viva Goa and is Traditional southern Indian food prepared by Goan chefs, the food was vibrant fresh and the staff were helpful, attentive and not pushy their address is 7 Fossgate, York, YO1 9TA, Tel: 01904 622688.

We also visited the Mumbai lounge, they have an array of different dishes, are always busy. It is rather a more modern style Indian restaurant so it depends on what kind of dining experience you want. we wouldn’t pick it as a great Romantic type venue due to its size and layout. The food was great, especially the lime pickle and the Naan breads. Good vegetarian option and they will also make up a dish as you request to suit your palate. They serve Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine and are very popular. Their address is 47 Fossgate, York, YO1 9TF, Tel: 01904 654155. We will be looking for some more Great Indian restaurants in York and will add them to the list. If we were to pick the best on dining and overall experience we would pick the Viva Goa.

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