FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, what more can I say, Mill Rythe Holiday village was just that !!! Something for everyone. Although we don’t normally book package style holidays (by choice nothing else). Mill Rythe was great, loads to do and we never got bored. We booked a dancing showbreak for 4 nights with a group we go dancing with and had a ball. The food is superb with lots of choice, they even have a vegetarian choice on the Menu and also a food intolerance section where you can order separately. Saying that there is plenty of meat on the menu. We did everything even the silly stuff, for fun such as sit down cheer leading.

Mill Rythe holiday village


There were dance lessons for all 3 days which included, Rumba on day 1, Tango on day 2 and Samba on day 3. They started with a beginners class then an intermediate in the afternoon followed by a recap of both in the later afternoon. The swimming pool is clean and was nice just for a relax, not for the super swimmers if you wanted to do lengths, but just great to relax those tired aching feet after lots of dancing.

The evening entertainment was just fabulous. We were amazed at the entertainment staff, we thought they had got lost and should be in London on some west end show. On the first night the Manager( Carlton ) sang who has such an amazing voice and the rest of the cast and costumes were wonderful too. The comedian (Tucker) had us in stitches and it was all clean fun without the normal swearing ! that you get from some comedians.It was just comedy from real life and great gag writing, Then to top the weeks entertainment off they did a cabaret on the last night and did snippets of different London shows, we were in awe !. We also did all the trivia quizzes, well lets just say we had a go and leave it at that ha ha.

Some of the rooms have been upgraded and you can choose to pay extra for them, the normal or standard rooms are adequate and for the price of what is included in the break cannot be faulted. I guess some folks prefer more upmarket rooms and if that is the case, much better to book for an upgrade. We didn’t mind as the bed was comfortable, the room clean and we were only sleeping in the room anyway, much too much to do than lounging around the room. We would recommend Mill Rythe holiday village to anyone, It seemed that for families the best time to be there would be the summer months purely for the outdoor activities such as the outdoor fun swimming area with slides and also the climbing wall, crazy golf and other activities that are organized.


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