Selkirk town on the Scottish border may at first appear to be somewhat of a drab little town (sorry if you live there) however you only have to scratch the surface to find some fantastic people, history and craft in and around the area. Sir walter Scott was the depute sheriff of Selkirk town for some 30 years and spent many years in the border towns. A magnificent statue of Sir walter scott is also present in Selkirk town.

Sir walter Scott Selkirk

Whilst visiting the area you can see quite clearly why Sir walter Scott was taken by the stories he was told by his elderly relatives as a young child of the border towns and all the history that inspired so many of his stories and poems focusing on the past. There are many lovely places to see in an around Selkirk town such as Melrose where the abbey is situated and also legend has it that Robert the Bruce heart is buried. Their are many other border towns around the area, but it would be a shame to miss out this little town on your way. You may even find a beautiful tartan kilt or a soft and plush cashmere that can be found in and around the area of Selkirk,


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