We went to the area where the Battle of Flodden took place or sometimes as its known the battle of Branxton on Flodden field and it was quite amazing. The Battle of Flodden Memorial can be seen high on the hill and stands out and feels a little eerie,  We love to go to battle sites and walk around and try and imagine the battle itself. The clashing and scraping of metal on metal and depending on the time gunshot and the smell of cannon fire after the ball has left its chamber. The battle of Flodden was a conflict between Scotland and England that took place in Northumberland on the 9th of September in 1513.

Battle of Flodden, Memorial stone Flodden

The scene today is quite different being very serene and quiet as you walk around and try and imagine the battle. Todays battle field site has picture boards with a description of what you would have seen, had you been standing in the spot where the board is. Each one explains about the terrain and how the muddy undergrowth  played a huge part of the demise of James the iV of Scotland and his army, which inevitably claimed his life.

Contributing to this was also the choice of ground combat weaponry, which was the pike;  a long weapon about 5 foot in length not good for close fighting nor the soil condition. The English commanded by the Earl of Surrey, who were better armed with a weapon called a bill. This was a much shorter weapon and had 5 spikes at its head. There were many casualties and the approximate amount where 4000 English and 10.000 Scots. There is a lovely Memorial on top of the hill and you don’t have to pay the access the site. There is a car park easy walking distance to the battle grounds. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did


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