We found a great place to stay in Oswiecim. We were a little confused on where to stay in Oswiecim or Auschwitz. In addition we did come to find out that the name had undergone many alterations. This was due mainly to the different occupations and therefore the differing pronunciations. During world war II it was known as Auschwitz due to the German occupation. It reverted back soon after the end of world war 11 in 1945 to the Polish pronunciation Oswiecim. The concentration camp has kept the same name Auschwitz mainly for obvious historical reasons.

Where to stay in Oswiecim  – well the Old Tree or Old tree villa hotel

where to stay in Oswiecim

Perfectly Situated only 4.5 km from Auschwitz concentration camps. The Old tree villa was clean comfortable and with great staff at reception to help with all our hotel and touring needs. The reception being serviced around the clock, which was great especially with checking in late or leaving early morning for touring. As we had our own rented car we found the free car park a great bonus and there were lots of spaces.

where to stay in Oswiecim

The rooms were well equipped with clean towels, flat screen tv, a bathroom with shower and air conditioning in the room. Due to and mainly because we had decided to tour around Poland in September it was still very hot. The air-conditioning in our room wasn’t great, but we didn’t complain. It could have just been a fault in that room !!

where to stay in Oswiecim

The location is perfect and it was quiet and easy to walk around the town and also easy to reach the market square. There was a bus only 500 meters from the accommodation. Hence if you didn’t have the use of a car this is very handy. The railway station is also only 2.5 km so to get to most historical sites it is fairly easy.

Breakfast !!

The breakfast was superb with a continental smorgasbord, therefore having all that would be required to set you up for a day of touring. We had boiled eggs, deli meats, cheese, cereal, juice and a great variety of different artisan breads and baked pastries.

old tree villa auschwitz

After a long day of walking and touring Auschwitz, which in itself is emotionally draining. It was fabulous to have our own balcony and sit with a bottle of wine whilst discussing and contemplating our feelings after visiting Auschwitz.

To have a look inside the hotel click here villa old tree Poland

for more info on where to stay in Oswiecim please check out our video here

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