Whilst in Germany, we managed to visit the Berlin wall, to be honest we didn’t know to much about it (shame on us). We learn’t as we went along. We walked the route of the Berlin wall, where they have managed to keep some parts of the wall intact and they have embedded a line of bricks along the original wall route in the ground that clearly shows the East and West Divide.

Berlin wall

Berlin wall marker route

The best surviving section of the wall can be seen near the Berlin railway station, it is painted by many budding artists. It was interesting to note that the Soviets during the Cold war period of 1961-1989 would whitewash the wall regularly but this did not stop the painting going on. There are some amazing graffiti pieces of artwork on the wall and just looking at both sides of the wall gives you a sense of just how divided they wanted both the east and the west parts to be. The soviets on the East and the Americans on the west as depicted by checkpoint charlie which can also still be seen today.

Checkpoint Charlie US west Side

Checkpoint Charlie US west Side

The remaining parts of the Berlin wall, stand as a testament today to all the German People who tried and succeeded to get to the West and to those that died trying. It allows you to see the courage of those that wanted to be reunited with their families that where walled off in the East and not allowed freedom for all, but for a Wall that divided them. It was the time of the Cold war and was a legacy of World War 2.

Just added a snippet of the wall art and really doesn’t do it justice, it has to be seen to appreciate the magnitude of the situation at its length in its time

Berlin wall art

We stayed at the Berlin Titanic whilst in Germany and it was very close to the Berlin wall so we could easily walk to it and also to checkpoint Charlie. If your In Berlin don’t miss out on looking at these 2 historic areas.


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