The Titanic Hotel Berlin is very central to checkpoint Charlie and also the Berlin wall, the theater and Museums etc. On arrival there was a guy being sick all over the sidewalk, the Concierge couldn’t get us in quick enough, our bags moved quicker than a Japanese bullet train !! 😉  He was nearly falling over himself apologizing and letting us know he wasn’t a guest of the hotel. He thought he had been out drinking all afternoon, oh well who knows he could just have been ill !! ( mmmmmh well we will leave that to doubt) The concierge was very helpful, check in was easy and he gave us a map and showed us how to get to the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie. We were up in our room before you could say beam me up Scotty!! The bottle of wine in the room was a nice touch as was the iPad (which wasn’t charged so we didn’t bother getting involved in that)

Titanic Hotel Berlin

The bed was really comfy as were the pillows, I love good pillows !! we decided that we would go out again and check out what Berlin had to offer and as we were only staying one night we wanted to make the most of it. We took the short walk to Checkpoint Charlie and read all the boards around the checkpoint, which is still standing and has the east and west Photos of one of the border check control men on either side of the Board. We had a great Italian at a restaurant nearby. We had checked the menu at the Titanic hotel Berlin before venturing out, but the choice was a little limited, and it was very expensive, we guessed that was why there was no one dinning.

Here is the picture of an American Border control officer and Checkpoint Charlie in the Background.

Berlin Center

The next morning we went down for a buffet breakfast which was great. lovely fresh fruit and berries, fresh juices and lovely cereals. We followed this by a cooked breakfast from the buffet. I started loading my plate ( as if I hadn’t eaten in a decade) with fried halloumi, eggs, sambal chilli sauce ( yes I can eat chilli for breakfast) and then I asked the chef where the bacon was, he told me it was a Turkish owned hotel, silly me I should have guessed it was a Muslim style breakfast, I was happy for my fried Halloumi which I love. I then went searching for stuffed peppers, which I found and olives yum yum. We would definitely stay at the Titanic hotel Berlin again. Check it out here !!

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