Dancing in Kaktus Albir

We love to dance and on our travels we are always on the look out for places that we can ballroom, Jive or generally dance. When we were in Alicante just recently we found they had dancing in Kaktus Albir hotel which is located in the area of Albir close to Benidorm, well a 10 minute drive anyway. Dancing in Kaktus Albir allows us to try out our moves to quick step music, foxtrot, jive and many others. As it is in a hotel there is no entry fee and there is a bar next to the dance floor. They do have dance classes during the day but however as they are in Spanish we just go to the evening entertainment part.

Dancing in Kaktus Albir

On the weekend they usually have  a cabaret of sorts which is very professional and a great deal of fun. We also went into Benidorm which has its usual rave nights, which we also enjoy but for a very different dancing experience. The music in kaktus Albir normally starts around 7-pm-8 and finishes at around midnight. The drinks are reasonably priced and they also have waiter service. The hotel itself looks directly out to the beach and has a long veranda to sip a cocktail and watch the sun go down, just fantastic !!

Kaktus Albir Hotel cabaret 

Albir is a low rise town quite different from Benidorm and it has a huge cafe and restaurant culture, and is also a great place to swim in the sea, but bring your crocs or flip flops as it is a pebbly beach and if your anything like me I don’t like the feeling of stones under my tender feet ha ha. The drive to main central Alicante is about 40 minutes. It is well worth going to Kaktus Albir Hotel even if it is just to watch the cabaret, you don’t have to dance if its not your thing. If you want to find out more about the hotel click the link here

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