The Ambassador hotel Scarborough was a Joy to stay at from start to the finish of our stay. Located in the heart of Scarborough in the center of the Esplanade and opposite the beach and cliff face, with easy walking distance to the main shops and restaurants. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly reception staff and checked in very quickly. Our hotel room was very clean and overlooked the sea front and we could see the harbour in the distance so was a perfect view whilst sitting in one of the comfortable chairs looking out of the window.

Ambassador Hotel Scarborough Room

The Hotel has a pool, spa and also a bar and restaurant located on the ground floor. We couldn’t wait to use the pool as we could see it whilst entering the hotel when going up the steps on our arrival. After getting comfortable in the room and all sorted, we made our way down and found that we had the pool to ourselves yippee we thought !! we got some towels from the spa area and located the pool, which also has a steam room and sun loungers in case you wanted to relax around the pool and read a book.

Ambassador Hotel Scarborough

The pool is a great size for doing lengths so we set about trying to improve our fitness levels, ha ha. We also found the button after a bit of searching to start the jacuzzi located on the wall on other side of the pool. The jacuzzi is actually in the pool not a stand alone hot tub but had benches provided mmmh love to feel those bubbles. After about an hour of swimming and fooling around we got out and used the showers just near by which were the rain forest type ( large round shower heads that are suspended from the ceiling) We had a long warm shower and then changed and headed back to our room.

Ambassador Hotel pool

After a bit of lounging around and viewing the sea from our hotel room window. we put our glad rags on and went in search to find some food. We checked out the restaurant hotel menu which seemed adequate but we fancied an Indian meal and went to find one. The walk along the Esplanade from the hotel was improved by the fact the weather was warm and not too windy as it can be sometimes in coastal and especially the Scarborough coastal area.

We found a great little restaurant called the Tikka Tikka and if you would like to find out more please head over to this link

Tikka Tikka restaurant Scarborough

In a nut shell the Ambassador Hotel Scarborough was great and The bed and pillows where very comfortable so we had a great night sleep : ) This is a Rave about !!!

The address of the hotel is ,Located at 36-38 Esplanade, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 2AY.

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