East Midlands Trains

We love to travel by train and the East Midlands trains have it covered. They have a network from Derby right through to London. We have traveled first and also second class and both are just fabulous. They have always been on time and the quality or should I say standard is just superb. There is comfortable seating and the service is very efficient.

If you would like to see the video please have a look !!!

When we booked through the train website we were able to get a great deal. It does take a bit of time ferreting around and juggling timings etc but we found that we could get an outbound First class train ticket and a second class return for a better price than a second class return and the first class at the same price is most definitely a bonus.

We got to the train station in plenty of time and as we had pre booked and paid, it was  a matter of going to the self-service ticket machine. First of all the procedure entails entering your original payment details, I.e the MasterCard and booking reference sent originally  by email. You need have to have both of these parts of information at hand so as to print the pre-paid tickets out. The process is very simple.

To the first class lounge !!

On obtaining the tickets you can make your way to the first class lounge on the  platform to wait for the train to arrive. They have an intercom on the outside of the lounge and once you press the button,  and since you can’t get in without showing the ticket to the ticket office. They will ask to see the tickets which you show up to the web cam and voila you can now enter the lounge.

The lounge is comfortable and has tea and coffee-making facilities and also some snacks. (yum yum)….. We had some biscuits and some crisps couldn’t resist !! even if my hips say no No No. There are also papers to read, just in the off chance you get bored.

First class carriages !!!

When the train arrived we went to the first class carriage and the first thing you notice is the lovely leather seats that recline slightly.  There is also free wifi connection (especially great for the business traveler ) The second class has wifi but you need to pay additional through your phone online.

East Midlands Trains

Once the train starts the snacks cart arrives offering tea, coffee and soft drinks plus biscuits, nuts or chocolate. This is not the only time it seems and quite honest I am glad I wasn’t on a diet that day. It is very tempting to keeps saying yes to chocolate !!., They do also come around about 4 times in a trip that takes just over an hour well what can I say, it’s like piggy heaven ha ha !!!

East midland trains

We traveled back from London on the second class carriage and although it was minus the added extras of wifi, drinks and snacks. The trip was on schedule and it was a clean and a comfortable journey. We always book in advance time permitting and pre book our seats. This is so that we don’t get any nasty surprises such as a busy day and limited seating. Well with that being said there is only one parting saying

” Happy Travels ” Traveling by train through the east midlands have a look and grab a bargain

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