We are always on the look-out for Luxury hotels Scotland, and when we found the Roxburghe Hotel. We were not disappointed !!!. located on George street and a stone’s throw away from princess street and almost next door to Edinburgh Castle. The hotel is ideally located. We were so close we could see Edinburgh castle from the window in the hotel !!

luxury hotels scotland

The car park is on site and although small, has a double parking policy in that you give the keys to the hotel concierge and they handle the rest. It’s lovely to know that you they are catering to your needs. when we entered the hotel it was via the car park under the hotel, we made the windy way to reception. This is like entering a labyrinth of corridors; hotel water pipes and being engulfed by the smell of chlorine that is most likely used for the pool.

luxury scottish hotels

We later found out there is another way !!!. It’s a little complicated, you need to phone ahead and arrange for someone to drive the car to the car park. There are however double yellow lines outside the hotel so this can take some organizing. Therefore so as not to get a parking ticket !!. My tip is to phone ahead when close to the hotel.

When we arrived the bellman greeted us as soon as we entered reception !! yes I said bellman he wasn’t a boy!  To be fair he was part of the concierge team. He took charge straight away and our cases were on the trolley to go upstairs before we could say jiminy cricket. This left us to carry on with checking in and therefore no hassle.

After checking in we made our way to our room and the cases followed separately ( so no clambering into the lift with our cases). They arrived shortly after and the bell man ( Jack, whom we found out later ) engaged us in conversation. He showed us around the room explaining everything from the location of the pool to our complimentary tea and coffee. Jack is a lovely gentleman, Very informative, pleasant and not pushy.

luxury hotels scotland

We had a look at the menu for their restaurant. The Georges Bar and grill and decided to book a table. The food was superb !!! tasty, well presented and to die for yum yum !! . For luxury hotels Scotland this was most definitely one of the best dining experiences we have ever had in Edinburgh.

               luxury hotels scotland

The hotel offers spa treatments, a fantastic pool, sauna and steam room, and gym for the fitness fanatics. We love to swim and the pool is always a major attraction for us. There is also free wifi throughout the hotel.

The breakfast was extensive with fresh crusty breads, fresh fruits and yoghurt, an array of cheese and deli produce and also a cooked breakfast. We had the traditional Scottish fry up with potato scone, bacon, beans, mushrooms and tomato and of course poached egg. All the food being cooked to perfection. There are smoked kippers and smoked haddock, but I am not a fishy person, well I don’t think I am tee hee. I do like scuba diving to see them tho !!

 luxury hotels scotland

All the staff at the hotel were fantastic, friendly, happy and nothing was a bother!!. In Scottish tongue or dialect  this is ‘nah bother ‘.

when looking for Luxury hotels Scotland this definitely ticks all the boxes. It was also the cheapest that we have ever booked in Edinburgh. Furthermore this luxury hotels scotland is so close to all the great Edinburgh sites !!

For a look inside the hotel and its facilities click here for a video!!

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