Dancing, The buses, and Cezanne !! Aix en Provence things to do!

Recently we made a trip to Aix or X as is the most commonly know pronunciation. As Usual, we wanted to find, in Aix en Provence things to do. We generally don’t do a great deal of research but our interests include painters, architecture, and dancing. To name just a few interests!!.

We found lots to see and do in the small town (City) and it is a lovely place just to meander through the streets. Whilst doing just that, we found many places to visit just on foot. The Cours Mirabeau is a great boulevard in X and runs down the main center of the city. It is famous due to its many cafes and boutique shops and also the pretty moss-covered fountains. Perfect for people watching which is what the French just Love to do !!

Aix is a mosaic of pictures, tree-lined streets, where the plane trees catch the sunlight and tower into the magnificent blue sky.Aix en provence things to do

Wind and fountains!

The Mistral winds so famous in Aix blow away the clouds so the city is therefore seen in its clear fabulous crisp colour. Furthermore, there are many fountains in X, we counted around 12 and all have their own beautiful story to tell. Below is the fountain of the 4 dolphins built-in 1667 and surrounded by mansions of that period.

Aix en provence things to do

While you wander down the ancient old paths and since architecture is everywhere. You can explore monuments, castles, shrines and see all the wonderful historic buildings.

Aix en provence things to do

There are around 5 different markets in X and the most popular one, is in the main square. This is the Major one in X and has an array of home and farm grown produce of Provence. There is usually all kinds of musical entertainment on the street depending on what time of year you go. This can range from buskers to hoola hoop demonstrators and musicians.

Cezanne the famous!

There is also the amazing Cezanne trail around the city inner lanes and walkways marked by the C on the ground. Paul Cezanne is another famous attraction and the main reason for people to come to visit X. You get a real feel of where this post-impressionist painter got his inspiration and see what he liked to paint from walking the city. The vibrancy of the City and its colours cannot fail to attract. The C footplates in the pavement cover all the places that Cezanne loved to go. From the cafe’s where he met up with friends, his childhood home and so much more !!

aix en provence things to do

Terrain des peintres !!

The site we liked the most was the walk of the terrain des peintres. It is only about a 20-minute walk from the cities Rotande Bonaparte or Bonaparte roundabout. The walk is easy but on a slight incline. The other option would be to take the bus number 12 or 5. This only takes about 10 minutes (with stops) and only costs a couple of euro’s, we cheated and took the bus back because we were exhausted !!.

The walk takes you up to the spot where Cezanne used to go to paint, the saint victor mountain or La Sainte Victoire, with its clear views and perfect height and distance from the mountain. This was an ideal spot!

Aix en Provence things to do

Aix en provence things to do

Please watch this video for The walk of Terrain de Peinters and see what he saw !!.

Aix en provence things to do

On the same road at 9 paul Cezanne avenue is the Atelier De Cezanne. Here you will find the Cezanne studio packed with his last life stills, furniture, and his tools as he left them before he died and is especially noteworthy.

If you like dancing or are looking for some live entertainment there is the sextius Bar where we found some jive dancing !! check that out here

Getting around !!

Around the city of X if you get a little tired of walking and want to just ride around there are The Diablines. These are little shuttle buses that arrive every 10 mins and circle the city. Boarding them is easy just by signaling to the driver and they run up to around 7.30 pm. Perfect for a rest and you can get off when you want.

Aix en provence things to do

Looking for somewhere to stay we stayed in Odalys a great self-catering accommodation and only 10 minutes walk to the center of Aix en Provence please watch the video here

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I hope you like our guide on Aix en Provence things to do ! please leave comments with your own likes!

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I hope you enjoyed our post Aix en Provence things to do !!

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