We have been to Edinburgh many times mostly to see the historic sites and we had been looking for venues that played live music, we were originally looking in the wrong place near the grass market. When we stayed on The Royal Mile at the Carlton hotel we found loads !!! yeah. The Gigs in Edinburgh are generally either folk bands or up and coming cover and tribute bands. We found the best place to go was Whistle Binkies, having music every night and also time slots for the open mic night on Monday. Most nights are free entry except the weekend where you have to pay after midnight, I expect that is to keep the numbers down as its not a big place. Most of the Singers where fantastic and they also have a dance floor where you can show your moves ; ) The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the drinks where reasonably priced. It reminded us of the Cavern in Liverpool where the Beatles where notorious for playing.  When we were there I managed to film one band called the Bannockburns, (because it was the only band I could video without a dancers bobbing head from getting in the frame ha ha !!) not the best sound on the video but have placed it below anyway.

Well worth a visit and it open until 3. AM in the morning and is easy walking distance from most central hotels and hostels in Edinburgh. So for us finding Gigs in Edinburgh this will now become one of our haunts when in Edinburgh City. Glad we stumbled across it !!

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